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Unesco World Heritage Landscapes

Dutch landscapes , especially the peat and seaclay areas , the dune and riverclay landscapes are worth visiting.The Netherlands possess landscapes which are unique in the world and according to Unesco well worth protecting. One of these landscapes, to the north of Amsterdam, was called Amsterdam's Arcadia.


Excavated peat bogs where water and land meet each other give you a good impression of the typical landscape of legakkers (drying fields or levees) and petgaten (turf ponds). Here one can really see that Holland is a waterland.

Dutch Venice

In Giethoorn, where the habitation amidst an old canalsystem reminds one of Venice you can see how the inhabitants adjusted themselves to a watery area.

New sea-inlet

On a comfortable HollandThe RideWay bicycle you ride through the most beautiful dunelandscape of the Netherlands, where you can also see a nature development project and where a magnificent panorama of a dunelandscape unfolds before your eyes.

Delightful geometry

Aldous Huxley wrote in 1915: “A tour in Holland is a tour through the first books of Euclid” This can especially be seen in North Holland where just north of Amsterdam is the Beemster, the 17th century, according to the Renaissance views, arranged seaclay polder, which in December 1999 was added to the Unesco World Heritage list.

More Pyramids in Holland than in Egypt

Boerderijenstichting W. de BieThe typical North Holland cheese-cover farmhouses rise like pyramids from the flat polderland.


© Wim de Bie, Boerderijenstichting
Noord-Holland "Vrienden van de stolp"

Jetty in cornfield

Of the 20 th century areas of reclaimed land the Noordoostpolder with the one-time island of Schokland, also on the Unesco World Heritage list, is strongly recommended. On HollandTheRideWay bicycles you tour round the whole island during which the now dry harbour of Schokland will particularly draw your attention.

Land of wide rivers

The Ooypolder, east of the Netherlands’ oldest city Nijmegen (Noviomagus in the Roman age) gives an excellent impression of a Dutch riverlandscape. Nature development projects can be seen along the banks of the big Dutch rivers.

Bellows stopping water

How rivers can be tamed in a sophisticated way is to be seen at the information centre at a river mouth.

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© illustration: Lex Tempelman

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