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  1. Can I draw up my own plan for a day trip?
    Yes, as a rule you can.
  2. Can I see what Holland is famous for, like tulips, Dutch windmills, clog making and cheese making during the trip?
    Yes, these typically Dutch sights and activities can be included in the programme of HollandTheRideway.
  3. Can we visit a Dutch cheese market?
    Yes, for example against the historic backdrops of Edam, Gouda and Alkmaar. HollandTheRideway can also organise cycle rides or guided walks in these Dutch cheese centres.
  4. Can we go and see the tulip fields?
    HollandTheRideway can organise a fascinating sightseeing tour through the Dutch tulip fields in full bloom, for example on our way to the Keukenhof, the famous tulip gardens that show the Dutch tulip at its most beautiful.
    There are also tulip festivals. The tulip season is from the end of March until the end of May. Flower parades are organised in August and September.
  5. What other flowers can be seen outside the tulip season in Holland?
    There are a number of flower auctions open to visitors and there are flower parades in August and September. Of course, there are also a great many private flower gardens open to visitors.
  6. Can we visit well-known Dutch cities like Edam, Gouda, Volendam and Delft?
    All the places of historic interest in the Netherlands can be visited.
  7. Are there any other interesting cities in the vicinity of Amsterdam?
    Holland is a country that has a high city density. In the vicinity of Amsterdam there are a lot of fine cities and towns besides Marken, Edam and Volendam.
  8. Can we go and see the Van Gogh paintings during our trip?
    Yes, we can. We can also organise a sightseeing tour to the area in which Van Gogh painted during his so called Dutch period.
    Another famous Dutch painter we can include in the programme is Johannes Vermeer. We can visit the site where he painted his View of Delft. Other Dutch painters we can include in our programme are Rembrandt and Mondriaan.
  9. Does Holland have any museums that are very special?
    Holland is the country that has the highest museum density in the world with about 1200 museums, so you are bound to find something that suits your taste.
  10. Can I find out more about Anne Frank's life?
    Amsterdam has the famous Anne Frank House, but there are also places outside Amsterdam that call up memories of Anne Frank.
  11. Can we find any information about / traces of "the Arnhem Battle" during our trip?
    Yes, we can organise a trip to the battlefields of the Second World War.
  12. Can we visit the Dutch hydraulic-engineering works?
    Yes, we can. There is a variety of possibilities. A visit to these milestones of Dutch civil engineering can, for example, be combined with a sightseeing tour of the historic cities of Zeeland.
  13. Can we visit areas below sea level?
    Yes, we can visit an area that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List , for example on a daytrip from Amsterdam.
  14. Can I find out a bit more about my Dutch ancestors during our trip?
    Of course HollandTheRideway can take you to the places in which your ancestors lived. We can also visit the historic dwelling places of ancestors of famous Americans like F.D. Roosevelt. Furthermore, genealogical resources are available at archives which can help you with your search for ancestors.
  15. Can I go and see Jewish cultural heritage in the Netherlands?
    Both in Amsterdam and elsewhere there is evidence of the rich Jewish life in the Netherlands, for example synagogues and cemeteries.
  16. Can I go to a spa during the trip?
    There are some spas in the north and in the south of the Netherlands that can be visited on the trip.
  17. What is included in the price of the trip?
    Included in the price are: picking you up and dropping you at the place of departure, expert guiding and assistance, non-alcoholic beverages and typically Dutch sweets like "Haagse Hopjes" (coffee-flavoured candy) and "Bitterkoekjes" (Dutch almond macaroons).
  18. How many people will be on the same trip?
    You can come on a trip on your own, i.e. a private trip, but it is also possible to travel in a group of three or four. The maximum number of people on the MPV is eight.
  19. Do we travel long distances?
    Holland is a small country. The longest distances are 200 kilometres (east-west) and 300 kilometres (north-south).
  20. Will I be accompanied by an expert guide?
    Yes, you will be accompanied and guided by a fully qualified and experienced geographer.
  21. Can we stop at any given moment to take pictures?
    That’s possible, but we have to take into account the traffic situation and the amount of time available.
  22. Can we do any shopping during our trip, e.g. buy souvenirs or Delft blue pottery?
    Yes, you can. It is, of course, also possible to buy typically Dutch souvenirs later via the Internet.
  23. Can we have lunch or dinner at a restaurant during our trip?
    Yes, you can. There are a large number of restaurants that have typically Dutch food on the menu.
  24. Do you make hotel reservations?                                                       Yes, if you stay in the reserved hotel will be part of a HollandTheRideWay tour.
  25. Can you arrange accommodation on trips of more than one day?
    HollandTheRideWay specializes in organizing  daytrips, but we can arrange accommodation on trips of more than one day.
  26. Are there any special places to spend the night?
    There is a large variety of special hotels and guesthouses that offer bed and breakfast. We advise you to book well in advance. If you wish to make reservations, HollandTheRideway can be your intermediary.
  27. Are there any timeshares in Holland?

    Yes, there are several places that offer timeshares in Holland

    including Zandvoort and Port Zelande. If you wish to stay in a timeshare rental in one of these locations,HollandTheRideWay can arrange daytrips to be included in your holiday.

    As with hotels and guesthouses we recommend that you book well in advance of your travel dates.

  28. Are any special trips possible, like a boat trip, a cycle ride or walks?
    Yes, they are, provided you let us know in advance what you want. Holland is a country of polders, lakes and rivers and consequently boat trips can be included in the programme. Holland also has an extensive and safe system of cycle tracks
  29. Are trips all over Holland possible?
    We can take you anywhere in Holland.
  30. Are trips to neighbouring countries like Belgium and Germany possible?
    Yes, they are, provided the distance is not too long for a daytrip.
  31. Can you give guided tours in Amsterdam?                                            As a rule we do not do guided sightseeing bus tours in Amsterdam. If you wish we can arrange guided walks and bike tours in Amsterdam and other towns in Holland, if you let us know well in advance.
  32. Are there any destinations that are especially interesting for women?
    There are several destinations that may be interesting for women, for example the Museum of Bags and Purses and the Perfume Bottle Museum.
  33. What programmes are possible for children, e.g. theme parks?
    Holland has about ten theme parks, for example Six Flags and the Efteling, a number of other beautiful amusement parks, some splendid Zoos and other attractions that children are interested in, like for instance Madurodam, The Hague's miniature city.
  34. What can you show me about the Dutch struggle against the waters?
    HollandTheRideway can show you many dams, dikes, remains of dike breaches, polders, ring canals, pumping stations (even the steam pumping stations of the World Heritage List), locks, weirs and museums and exhibitions focused on civil engineering.
    In the programme we can also include the latest developments in the field of water storage, water discharge and water management necessitated by increased global warming.
  35. Can the latest developments in the field of nature preservation and management in Holland be included in the programme?
    Yes, they can. Our Holland Floodproof  tours will show you some interesting sites.
  36. Which places of interest on the World Heritage List can be visited in the Netherlands?
    There are currently six Dutch properties on the World Heritage List. Most of them can be visited without booking in advance. It is possible to visit more than one property on one daytrip.
  37. Is it possible to visit an oil refinery?                                                   Yes, we can arrange a visit to an oil refinery in the Rotterdam port area.
  38. Which attractions in Holland will give us a good impression of Holland

    Waterworks, Unesco World Heritage  sites, historical town centres, unique Dutch landscapes, central river region, windmills, tulips fields, cheese farms , flower auction, modern masterpieces of architectural design, large bike storage sheds and homes of the locals.

  39. What’s the difference between Holland and The Netherlands? Historically Holland is the western part of the Netherlands. Because it was (and it still is) the most important economic part of the country, the name Holland became a description of the country as a whole.

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