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As an old proverb says: God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands. Over 30% of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Floodings of sea and riverwater caused many victims as for example the 1953 flood disaster during which 1850 people were drowned.
The struggle against the water was both defensive, manifest by many dikes and dams, and offensive, as is shown by the many land reclamation works from as early as the 14th century.

The Delta Works (the closing of the sea inlets ) are a masterpiece of engineering, but the Maeslant Kering (1997) is also an example of hydraulic ingenuity. Three great Dutch hydraulic works, among which a steam pumping station, are already on the Unesco World Heritage list.

The Dutch Delta is too precious to not take the necessary flood prevention measures Flooding of the large rivers which flow into the North Sea.must be prevented It may even be necessary to re-inundate some polders at high tide and to restore old side gullies of the rivers to create overflow capacity.

At the end of 2011 a new style Delta Plan , the Delta Programmme, was approved by the Dutch Senate .The object of the Delta programme is to protect our country against high water and keep our freshwater supply up to standard, now and in the future.

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Plan of floating town in Dutch river landscape
Plan of floating town in Dutch river landscape
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Amphibious houses in the river region of Holland.

The houses are built on the earthen dike, but will float in the event of flooding. In 1995 the threat of floods forced 250,000 people to leave their homes.

International Properties

International Properties

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Holland, Living with water.
How water came to have a huge influence and effect on a nation's population. Full of spectacular colour photographs.
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