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In Holland 2007 was the year of the windmill
We will take you to the famous Dutch windmills.

Blowing for the mill, celebrating the Year of the Dutch windmills, Whit Monday, May 28, 2007
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2011 is the present year of the windmill
Mill Schiedam De Kameel
The new windmill De Kameel in Schiedam
The Dutch jenever town of Schiedam has the tallest windmills on earth , the tallest one is 43 metres.

Mill Schiedam De Kameel
Inauguration of windmill :De Kameel, May 14, 2011
The recently built mill “De Kameel” was inaugurated on March 14 , 2011. Around 1880 there were 20 malt mills, which were used to grind grain for 400 distilleries where the famous jenever of Schiedam was produced. More gin was produced here than in any other city in the world. Two of the five remaining windmills still grind grain for the jenever industry.


Wind energy

In order to control the water level in the low-lying parts of the Netherlands and to generate power for engines, many windmills were built. Although their numbers have been much reduced (from 11,000 in the past to 1,000 at present) they are still an impressive sight in the Dutch landscape. You can see the tallest windmills in the world (almost 45 metres high) and the 18 polder draining-mills of the Mill Network at Kinderdijk, a unique drainage system, deservedly put on the World Heritage list. The flat and rather bare coastal areas of the north and west of the Netherlands are ideal for modern wind turbines. Much is being done to try to fit them in into the existing landscape structures. The population density of the Netherlands and time-consuming planning procedures hamper the extension of the existing 11 wind turbine parks. There are two windmill parks on the North Sea and new plans for offshore windmill parks.

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© Sietse Wiersma, oil painting on panel
titled: "Molen en huis" (Mill and house)

orders of paintings: www.sietsewiersma.nl


For sale: a real Dutch Windmill!

For sale: a real Dutch Windmill (Hollow post mill)
Can be produced in various colors.
No self-assembly but ready as a whole.
Can be sent, if you wish, to the customer.

For more information:
Construction firm "Aannemersbedrijf De Leeuw B.V." Windmill builders since 1894

Witte paal 336
1742 LE Schagen
E: k.deleeuw@bv.nl

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