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Cary Jurriaans, Whidbey Fine Arts Studio, Seattle, USA

Sustainable Amsterdam tour of American students

Back to the Dutch roots tour , Hordijk and Litz families from Canada

Technical visits to Zuiderzee Land Reclamation Project by two Brazilian professors

Deltaworks Tour of Olson ,Tricks and Willemsen families, from USA-UK-NZ

Group outing of Plasma & Materials Processing Group, TU Eindhoven

Group outing of Stiftung Mercator, Essen, Germany

Thaker family from Austin, Texas, USA

Delta works tours of Langhans and Cairnes families from Australia

Chinese managers from State owned companies in Shanghai

4 days Holland /Belgium trip of Mike and Mary and John and Pat from USA

Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia

Students of the University of Maryland, USA

Norwegian employees of Ramboll company

Delegation of Yorkshire and Humber region in the UK  

A school from Hertfordshire UK

Barber family from New Zealand and Londen

Cindy and Tim Hartin from Texas, USA 

Deborah Camacho from Texas, USA

Magda and Frank Fronek from New York, USA


Cary Jurriaans, Whidbey Fine Arts Studio, Seattle, USA


Our Arts and Culture tour with Hans Noltes was an incredible succces. We (4 ladies from Seattle) traveled through Holland for 9 days in October 2016. Hans helped with hotels, all planning and driving us. We saw Amsterdam, the gardens of Piet Oudolf and the well known planting designer himself , Laag- Keppel castle, the royal gardens of the Het Loo Palace, the Helmantel museum in a rebuilt monastery on a Groningen terp (mound) and the painter Henk Helmantel himself: some 12th century Groningen churches, the hanging kitchens of Appingedam,the pittoresque Frisian towns of Workum and Hindeloopen, the Enclosure dam (Afsluitdijk ), Art hotel Spaander in Volendam and museums like the Rijkmuseum, Mauritshuis and the recently opened Voorlinden museum. A “”skutsje silen”” boat tour showed us Frisian canals and lakes. We enjoyed the very organized and architectural green Dutch landscape with the Frisian cows, geese and cheese –cover style farmhouses (so called stolpen).
Cary Jurriaans, Whidbey Fine Arts Studio, Seattle, USA


Visit to Laag - Keppel castle. 'Skutsje silen' boat tour departing from Hindeloopen. Observing geese in meadow-land in the province of Noord-Holland. Pyramid (stolp) of Noord-Holland.


Sustainable Amsterdam tour of American students


On Sunday, March 23rd we had a great tour with our Dutch tour guide Hans Noltes. We were a little tired when we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam's central train station but when we met Hans everyone was excited for the tour and to see what this gentleman had to tell us about the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Hans was very well prepared when he picked us up from the train station. Everyone got his public transportation pass and after a quick stop at the hotel (to check-in) we were already on the road. The students were fascinated by the city and enjoyed having someone with them to tell them all the history about it. Why are many canal houses leaned forward and how do people manage to live with water all around them? We learned about Amsterdam's architecture, history and most of all about sustainability. Our tour focused on the subject of sustainable practices in the city of Amsterdam and Hans was a great resource to teach the students all about it. The tour highlight was when when we visited the former shipyard in the northern part of the city where a polluted brownfield will be turned into a cleantech playground. 15 second hand houseboats will be retrofitted in sustainable ateliers and surrounded by an undulating landscape of soil-cleaning plants . Hans is an experienced tour guide who knows how to interact with students. They absolutely enjoyed the day with him!


Olivia Schaefer, Program coordinator of the Academy for International Education (AIB) in Bonn, Germany


Aerial photo of Amsterdam-North   copyright Aerophoto  Schiphol Location of former shipyard     copyright Archello former shipyard being filled up  with a second hand house boat     copyright © Jean-Pierre Jans Artist’s  impression of former shipyard        copyright SpaceandMatter/Delva landscape architects Walking  between the houseboats
Casting a glance at a house boat Former shipyard open to the public, June 21 , 2014 Cleantech play grond and kids play ground, June 21, 2014 geen foto geen foto


Back to the Dutch roots tour , Hordijk and Litz families from Canada


”We would like to thank you for 2 great days on the road in the Netherlands. It was very well planned and informative. We feel that we were able to see everything as arranged and appreciated how you organized our time and the sites we visited. We feel we could not have done any more as you filled our days well. We were very happy to have time with family in Linschoten and Workum. The visit to the Enclosure dam (Afsluitdijk) was very interesting and we appreciated the information that you were able to share. We would highly recommend your services to anyone interested in visiting the Netherlands.” 4 Canadians of Dutch ancestry ,Paul and Sylvia Hordyk and Eric and Elizabeth Litz, October 2013


Looking at the former house of a family member in Linschoten, Holland Gouda Town Hall (1459) Photographing the parental house where she once lived in The Hague, Holland The monument at the Enclosure dam of the Zuiderzee Landreclamation Project where the the last tidal trench, The Vlieter, was closed on May 28 , 1932 by a final bucket of till. The IJsselmeer was born Birdaard Protestant Church (province of Friesland). After so many years I can still read this inscription in Dutch


Strolling in Birdaard village




Technical visits to Zuiderzee Land Reclamation Project , Delta Works , Maasvlakte II of the Port of Rotterdam , Zeebrugge Port and Belgian boatlifts and by two Brazilian professors


"I and my wife made an unforgettable tour of 6 days in the Netherland and Belgium guided by Hans Noltes. Mr. Noltes is the typical Holland gentleman and was a teacher of geography, who gives you the exact measure why the Dutch are so proud of their country, a considerable part of which was gained from the sea by this laborious and ingenious people. With the assistance of Mr. Noltes we felt exactly the spirit of the Dutch people and their struggle against the sea and the rivers .The masterpieces of Dutch hydraulic engineering like the Delta Works, especially the colossal Maeslant storm surge barrier, and the Zuiderzee Project wit its Enclosure Dam ,waterways and waterway aquaducts ,the Maasvlakte II Project of Rotterdam Port; the biggest Dutch engineering project since the Delta Works, a new port and supporting infrastructure on20 km2 reclaimed land, a coastal defence project like the Sand Engine and much more were presented to us with didactic details by Mr Noltes. In Belgium he showed us Zeebrugge port, Belgian masterpieces of hydraulic engineering like the impressive boatlifts of Strepy-Thieu and the Inclined Plane of Ronquieres and the historical inner cities of Ghent and Bruges.


 Map of Zuiderzee werken (Zuiderzee Land reclamation Project) The Enclosure Dam (Afsluitdijk)  Monument at the height of the last opening .On 28 May 1932  the  Zuiderzee ceased to be, as the last tidal trench, The Vlieter, was closed by a final bucket of till. The IJsselmeer was born. Batavia trading vessel  at Batavia Yard in Lelystad  ,a shipyard with extraordinary ambitions, reconstructing ships from the Dutch Golden Age. At  the biggest inflatable rubber dam of Europe. At the NAP tide - gauge in Schokland , former island in Zuiderzee, now called lake IJsselmeer            NAP  = Normaal Amsterdams Peil ( Amsterdam Ordnance Datum,  the average summer flood water level in the IJ just north of the centre of Amsterdam)


Maeslant Storm surge barrier, masterpiece of Dutch hydraulic engineering, part of Delta Works Under the trusses of the Maeslant Storm surge barrier. The Slufter . This disposal facility to the south of the Maasvlakte was constructed in the 1980s to store contaminated dredged materials released by maintaining the depth of the shipping channels of Rotterdam. New Container terminal on Maasvlakte II of Port of Rotterdam. At the foot  of the former island of Schokland , i.e. on the former bottom of the Zuiderzee.


At the Delft Market Square, with  the Delft Townhall at the background. Photographing a small barrier in a Delft Canal. Stamps booth at Delft’s popular Antiques-, Bric-à-brac- and Book Market. Corn-mill ”De Vier winden” (The four winds) in Monster, Province of Zuid Holland. In the smallest village of Holland.


The Sand Engine in front of  the Dutch coast (province of Zuid Holland)  An innovative method for coast protection. 'Building with nature” : Wind, waves and sea current will spread the sand around. This will contribute to the coastal safety in the long term and create more space for nature and recreation. Near the Sand Engine. Map of the dams of the Delta Works , provinces of Zuid Holland and Zeeland, The Netherlands. 4 Phoenix  caissons accommodate the unique collection of the Watersnoodmuseum (Flood museum). It was not until nine months after the 1953 flood that the last breach in the dykes of the south-westerly part of the Netherlands was closed off with these caissons. This historic site, with these silent witnesses of the flood and the following reconstruction, and the surrounding area were declared a National Monument fifty years later. Copyright  Watersnood museum ((Flood museum) Flood museum , work of art in remembrance of the missing victims of the 1953 Flood disaster.


At a Phoenix caisson. Near the steel door  at one of the 62  gates of the  Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier (Oosterschelde dam)


Townhall of Bruges. Rozenhoedkaai, one of Bruges’ most timeless sceneries. The largest Cistercian barn of Europe, built in 1275 Ghent,   The Gras Lei ..   Today this medieval port with its unique row of historical buildings is the meeting place par excellence.


The boat lift of Strepy-Thieu , Hainaut, Belgium .With a height difference of 73.15 metres (240.0 ft) between the upstream and downstream reaches  of the Canal du Centre   which connects   the waterways of the Meuse and Scheldt rivers, it is the tallest boat lift in the world. High above the surrounding landscape, entering the Strepy-Thieu boat lift from up stream Brussels-Charleroi Canal  with the Inclined Plane of Ronquieres at the background . This Belgian boatlift  has a length of 1,432 metres (4,698 ft) and lifts boats through 67.73 metres (222.2 ft)[2] vertically Boat lift in action on The inclined plane of Ronquieres Boat lift nr 3  (1917) on the old Canal du Centre is part of  a series of four hydraulic boat lifts near the town of La Louvière in the Sillon industriel of Wallonia, classified both as Wallonia's Major Heritage and as a Unesco World Heritage Site


Also the magnificent and rich museums, like the Amsterdam Rijkmuseum, and the traditional boat tour in Amsterdam are mandatory and Mr. Noltes, according to the contracted tour, may provide tickets in advance. At last, but not least! The kindness of Hans left us much comfortable to ask all the questions and requests, without any restriction and ever with much interest to show details and curiosities that we would never know with a standard touristic tour, beyond the special typical cakes and groceries offered ad hoc to us and provided by Hans' wife."


Paolo Alfredini and Emilia Arasaki ,Full Professors of Port and Coastal Engineering of the Polytechnic School of São Paulo University, Brazil, April 2014


Deltaworks Tour of Olson ,Tricks and Willemsen families from United States, England and New Zealand


It was my pleasure to plan a week long reunion between two couples one from Chicago and the other from Devon UK  and my husband and I (New Zealander's)in Holland in August 2011, focusing on the Dutch Delta project Searching on the Internet I found Hans Noltes’ website  and I contacted him. From then on it was a breeze Hans answered my e.mails promptly;  answered my many questions with much patience and in perfect English, and designed an itinerary doable by 6 people of mature years.  Hans also suggested and made on our behalf bookings at the famed Hotel New York Rotterdam. An inspired suggestion. Our two days encompassed the Kinderdijk windmills(sadly too wet to see anything), and on to Zeeland,  including Ouwerkerk (Floodmuseum), Eastern Scheldt Bridge , Colijnsplaat, Neeltje Jans. (Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier ), the historical town of Veere and Brouwersdam and Haringvlietdam of the Deltaproject.


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Olson, Tricks and Willemsen families at Floodmuseum Visit to  Monument of 1953  Flood disaster Walk around  a fortified town Visit to the ramparts of the fortified town Visit to the storm surge barrier


Under the trusses of  the storm surge barrier


Hans was at the Haarlem B&B to pick us up well before the designated time with his comfortable vehicle fitting all 6 of us with ease.We spent two whole days with Hans and were sad to say goodbye. His knowledge of Dutch Water Management, the Delta Project, and the villages and towns related to the project is phenomenal. He spoke excellent English and enjoyed conversing with my Dutch speaking husband as well. He was considerate of our party all of whom loved to absorb the most minute details of the museums and structures, we were very grateful for his patience. We came away even more impressed than ever with the skill of Dutch Water Engineers, and a deep understanding of the constant battle against the sea! We were totally impressed with Hans' professionalism, and would have no hesitation in recommending Hans's HollandTheRideWay company. We shall return to Holland and plan to take advantageof Hans' skills again. There is no better way to get to know a country than through the eyes of a skilled knowledgeable "local".


Lesley and Gerard Willemsen from New Zealand


Group outing of Plasma & Materials Processing Group, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) , Holland


This year we booked Mr. Noltes as a guide for our yearly group outing in Septmber 2011.. First, we visited the “Maeslantkering” which is a very impressive piece of Dutch engineering. Subsequently, we took a look at a traditional wind mill and after this visit we went to a very innovative Dutch project. While enjoying the nice weather on the beach, Mr. Noltes explained the goal of the “Zandmotor” project located just in front of the coast. This project is intended to protect & replenish the Dutch beaches in a more natural approach. To wrap up our group outing we visited the largest greenhouse for grape growing and after tasting some very delicious grapes we returned to Eindhoven. The tour was very well organized and the visits were well chosen and really interesting


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TU/e group visits the Storm surge barrier Under de trusses of the storm surge barrier, looking at the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway ) which connects  the port of Rotterdam to North Sea Part of the  trusses of the storm surge barrier TU/e group receiving information on the movement of the retaining walls of the Barrier Lunch break at windmill


Two millers watching the TU/e group and guide Hans Noltes at the right-hand side of the group. Courtesy of Mikhail Ponomarev. Admiring the strength of the wings of the windmill Dune area (drinking water production )close to North Sea . Courtesy of Mikhail Ponomarev. Marram grass preventing sand from spray. Courtesy of Mikhail Ponomarev. Guide Hans Noltes drawing the coastal development . Courtesy of Mikhail Ponomarev


Drawings of several stages of the development of Holland’s West coast. Courtesy of Stephen Potts TU/e group looking intently at the Sand Engine Map of Sand Engine. Constructing the Sand Engine. © www.beeldbank.rws.nl, Rijkswaterstaat Aerial view of Sand Engine. © www.beeldbank.rws.nl, Rijkswaterstaat


TU/e group at the beach of North Sea Visiting the themepark on indoor grape cultivation Dutch grapes , big and tasty TU/e group tasting grapes in the greenhouse


Vincent Vandalon , PhD student of Eindhoven University of Technology


Group outing of Stiftung Mercator, Essen, Germany


On July 19th, 2011, Stiftung Mercator (Mercator Foundation) went on a firms outing with HollandTheRideWay. Stiftung Mercator focuses part of its work on the effects of climate change; Mr. Hans Noltes from HollandTheRideWay hence organized an amazing visit to the storm surge barrier in Hoek of Holland and a very interesting lecture on water affairs and land reclamation by Dr. Ronald Waterman. We then let the day fade at the Themepark Westlandse Druif.(showing Dutch grape cultivation in greenhouses) Mr. Noltes made sure that from dinner to route planning, everything was perfectly planned and arranged for the group. He was always happy to give us an inside view on the specific features and history of the region and to share his experiences with the group.


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Information on the trusses of the storm surge barrier Under the trusses of the barrier Departure for Themepark showing  Dutch indoor grape cultivation Lunch in Themepark Prof. Dr. B. Lorentz ,Director of the Mercator  Foundation, addresses his employees


Prof. Dr. B. Lorentz  attending the  lecture of  Dr R..Waterman on Dutch watermanagement and coastal development Dr R Waterman  explaining the coast strenghthening project Information on the greenhouses of the Themepark Under the  bunches of grapes  of the greenhouse  The reward for  a strenuous day trip :the tasting of tasty Dutch grapes


We like to thank Mr. Noltes very much for the great day and wish him all the best for the many tours to come.


Philipp Offergeld , Stiftung Mercator 


Thaker family from Austin, Texas, USA


Our Guide Hans Noltes was very knowledgeable about Holland. We really enjoyed the trip during which we visited Madurodam (small scale Holland) , the historical inner city of The Hague with the Parliament buildings , the storm surge barrier in Hook of Holland , the Delta works in the province of Zeeland , a fort of the New Dutch Waterline and a lock of which we saw a miniature in Madurodam.


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Visit to Maduro dam, Miniature of Dam Square in Amsterdam Maduro dam , Peace Palace Maduro dam , Lock of a Dutch canal Thaker family with Parliament building at the background In the expo of the storm surge barrier


de Nieuwe Waterweg ( New  Waterway)  , connecting Rotterdam port to the North Sea Visiting a fort of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (the New Dutch Waterline), a defence sytem based on inundation and forts The real lock of which the Thaker family saw the small scale model in Madurodam Looking at the ships exiting the lock



Mita Thaker


Alkmaar Cheese Market , Afsluitdijk (Enclosure Dam ) and Delta works tours of Langhans and Cairnes families from Australia


We had booked a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and with two days free before the cruise, decided to seek out destinations around Amsterdam which included the Alkmaar Cheese Markets, Delta Project, the world famous Windmills of Kinderdijk….how could we organise all these destinations over two days? I contacted Hans NolteS (HollandTheRideWay) on the Internet, specified places we wanted to visit and other places another couple we were travelling with, wanted to see as well.

Hans organised a private 2 day tour for us and he proved to be a wonderful guide. His knowledge and expertise made our visit an unforgettable experience. He not only showed us the sites on our ‘required’ list, but gave us an understanding and insight into the engineering and construction feats which ensure the Netherlands stays safe and dry.


Please click on a thumbnail to enlarge

Enjoying life on a café terrace in Alkmaar, the Cheese Market town At the lookout of the Afsluitdijk (Enclosure dam) monument designed by architect  Dudok marking the spot where the dike had been closed in 1932 Aerial view of Enclosure dam. © www.beeldbank.rws.nl, Rijkswaterstaat Map of Zuiderzeewerken (Zuiderzee land reclamation project ) The miller explains the operation of the windmill


Near the Archimedian screw of the windmill Traditional Dutch wooden houses in a former whaling village Near the hinge of the storm surge barrier


During our two days with Hans we came to appreciate the enormous effort the people of the Netherlands continue to make to ensure their country remains safe from both the sea and flood.

By the way, Hans’ ‘people carrier’ a blue Peugeot Boxer Min-bus, was very comfortable and he regularly offered us refreshments and Dutch treats during our travels (loved the cake!). We travelled along dykes, through picturesque little villages with traditional architecture, meandered through a countryside of enormous beauty and viewed many mesmerizing windmills, all the while Hans ensured we were well informed often using maps to point out interesting aspects of our tour.


We have no hesitation in recommending Hans to any visitor to the Netherlands. His knowledge and expertise is wide ranging and we are sure if you contact him, he will ensure you have best personalised guided tour out of Amsterdam ever.


Brian and Sharon Langhans , Cronulla , New South Wales, Australia


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....We managed to squeeze so much in on our first day, Hans was meticulous in planning the sights we visited. We travelled to Alkmaar and its famous Cheese Markets and walked through this historical town. We then visited the Zuider Zee reclamation project (WIERINGERMEERPOLDER)and the enclosure dam (Afsluitdijk) Monument, watch tower and the Schermerhorn Windmill Museum with its working windmills, then on to Grootschermer, the little village of Noordeinde, Graft historical town hall and De Rijp narrow main street, lock and wooden houses, Middenbeemster central village of Beemster polder, UNESCO world Heritage site and fort of THE Amsterdam Defence line. NEAR PURMEREND

On our second full day Hans again amazed us with his extensive knowledge as he took us to Schoonhoven ferry across Lek River, branch of the Rhine River, riverside villages of Groot Ammers, Streefkerk, Nieuw Lekkerland and the windmills of Kinderdijk (19 windmills, UNESCO World heritage site.), then on to Alblasserdam riverside village, Hoek van Holland storm surge barrier (Maeslant kering). The last place on the tour, Maeslant kering proved to be an engineering masterpiece and Hans once again imparted his considerable knowledge and organised a GUIDED WALK for us of the storm surge barrier It is amazing that once we returned to Australia on September 20th, just 4 days later, the massive Maeslant Kering storm surge barriers were ‘tested’ and we watched its closing by way of the internet. We are sure that it would have much more interesting to be there with Hans to see this event first hand.

Thank you Hans for showing us your wonderful country - maybe some day you will visit Australia and we can show you some ‘Aussie’ places of interest.

Brian and Sharon Langhans , Cronulla , New South Wales, Australia


Chinese managers from State owned companies in Shanghai


In november 2010 a Group of Chinese Managers from State Owned Companies in Shanghai have visited under the inspiring leadership of Mr. H.Noltes the storm surge barrier at The Nieuwe Waterweg ( New waterway) between Rotterdam and the North Sea.
Only a few days before the date of the scheduled item Rotterdam Business School ( RBS) contacted Mr Hans Noltes of HollandTheRideway and applied for a possibility of the excursion and workshop. Mr Noltes took the request and after a short time a very interesting idea was offered.


The Chinese managers visited Rotterdam to follow a course at RBS to learn how to do business in the Netherlands and to gain knowledge about law, banking and tax system in the Western World. During the total programme of 7 weeks some typical Dutch items were scheduled. The above mentioned excursion and workshop were one of these items After the excursion the Chinese guests of Rotterdam Business School (RBS) have received a very interesting workshop “ Water Management from Mr. G.Geldof. , Senior Water consultant.


The purpose of the excursion and the workshop was that the Chinese Managers gain an insight into to a typical Dutch topic “Water Management”.A special note has to be added for the wonderful organization of the excursion and the workshop. RBS was very happy to have the opportunity to meet such interesting persons as Mr Noltes and Mr Geldof and to share their knowledge.


Heleen Harms-Tijssen,

Course Director

Rotterdam Business School


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Mr Hans Noltes explaining the Delta works at the site of the storm surge barrier of Hook of Holland

Chinese managers asking questions at the site of the Storm surge barrierGroup portrait of the Chinese managersMr Hans Noltes, explaining the three dimensional model of a Dutch coastal land reclamation project , and Mr Geldof ,to the left of the photo Mr Geldof, Senior Water consultant, giving a lecture on Dutch watermanagement to the Chinese managers

More about the workshop of Mr Geldof:

During the workshop the managers received information about different water projects in the Netherlands; Delta Strategy; Regional water management; Rotterdam Water City 2035;
Urban Water Management and the Urban Cycle.
Building with nature needs to be the idea that is involved in all new water projects.

A very interesting workshop that offered new perspectives on the way we can live in a country below sea level.

The conclusion of the workshop was: Involve Water Management in the design of our future.



4 days Holland /Belgium trip of Mike and Mary and John and Pat


Our experiences with Hans Noltes and his wife Mieke were absolutely exceptional. Even though we were going on a bike/barge tour first Hans met us at the airport with a tulip bouquet for my wife, he didn't need to meet us, it was not his responsibility but the bike/barge tour didn't offer to pick us up so Hans did.


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Overview of the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, province of LimburgMike and Mary , commemorating a family member who died in combat in World  War II

Wall inscriptions of  American soldiers dating from WW  II in Velvet Cave Serres of Laken, the royal greenhouses near Brussels Staircases decorated with flowers in Serres of Laken 





When we finished the bike/barge tour Hans and his wife were waiting for us and whisked us away for an unbelievable tour. His knowledge and thoughtfulness far exceeded our previous experiences in The Netherlands. My wife's uncle was killed in WWII and is buried in The Netherlands, Hans arranged for a visit to his grave. at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten He arranged for a private tour of the Velvet Cave in Valkenburg , an exceptional experience. We toured Belgium in addition to The Netherlands and Hans knowledge of Bruges was fantastic . We also visited the beautiful Serres of Laken , the royal greenhouses near Brussels


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Gallery of flowers, fuchsia and geranium, in Serres of LakenHouses in Bruges, with dog looking out a window at swans

Mike and Mary, John and Pat at Grote Markt (Market Place) , Brussels Atomium in Brussels , symbolizing the spatial arrangement of atoms of an iron crystal and originally built for Expo ’58 , the 1958 Brussels World’s FairMike and Mary and  John and Pat in Schiedam ,standing in front of one of the tallest windmills on earth  





Everywhere we went he found the ideal spot to shop, to have a refreshment at a sidewalk cafe, and point out the most important landmarks..

His knowledge of the unbelievable accomplishment of the Dutch people to protect themselves from the sea was absolutely first class, including a private guided tour at the storm surge barrier of Hook of Holland (Maeslant kering)


We can't wait to return and the only way we will would be with Hans."

Mike and Mary


Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia       


HollandTheRideWay gave the members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia a good impression of a construction work in flood zones by showing them a masterpiece of Dutch hydraulic engineering ,the storm surge barrier at Hook of Holland, during their European Technology Mission in autumn 2009 


OsvaldoCabrera Salas


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Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia at the Kering

Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia at Neeltje Jans Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia at Neeltje Jans Members of the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Valdivia at the Stormvloedkering







Article in Diarioaustral of November 27, 2009 written by
Mrs.Nadia Vera, Executive Secretary of the Chilean Chamber of Construccion Valdivia (Camera Chilena de la Construccion Valdivia)  


Students of the University of Maryland, USA                                   


I teach a study abroad course - Rembrandt's Amsterdam in the Dutch Golden Age - that explores Rembrandt in a context rich in scope and variety, distilling the essence of Dutch culture. I firmly believe that one of the keys to understanding Dutch society, in its relationship to the land, in its historical forms of governance, is an exploration of how the Dutch have dealt with and continue to deal with the constant threat of sea and river flooding in a land - especially Holland and Zeeland - under sea level. I was delighted to find HollandTheRide Way on the Internet; Hans Noltes proved an expert guide and teacher for the students in my class (and for me, of course!).


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University of Maryland, USA 1 University of Maryland, USA 2 University of Maryland, USA at a scale model University of Maryland, USA at Kinderdijk







From a roadside stop along the river Lek to point out how a graceful bend in the dike is evidence of a past breach and flooding and repair, to an engaging explanation through maps of the Delta Works and the delta geography of South Holland and Zeeland in the presence of the great Storm Surge Barriers, Hans offered his extensive knowledge with grace and in a pleasant manner. I look forward to working with Hans the next time I teach my course; his tour was a memorable component.


Quint Gregory, lecturer of University of Maryland, Maryland, US



Norwegian employees of Ramboll company                                     


By visiting the storm surge barrier in Hook of Holland Norwegian we ( Norwegian employees of Ramboll company ,a multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company ) got a good impression of a masterpiece of Dutch hydraulic engineering during a tour arranged by HollandTheRideWay.


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Norwegian employees of Ramboll company Norwegian employees of Ramboll company Norwegian employees of Ramboll companyIn the expo room at the barrier Guide Hans Noltes of HollandTheRideWay told us many aspects of the Deltaworks plan by using some of his interesting maps. The visit to the Storm surge barrier was part of a Ramboll exploration tour in Holland in which a visit to the works of the Central line of the Amsterdam Subway also played a part We had a very nice trip to Amsterdam, and we were all very satisfied with your lecture and our visit to storm surge barrier.


Johannes Halvorsen
Ramboll Norway



Delegation of Yorkshire and Humber region in the UK                        


As part of our Learning Exchange tour to Rotterdam in November 2009 , 22 delegates from across the Yorkshire and Humber region in the UK were lucky enough to visit the storm surge barrier and attend a presentation on the coast strengthening project. All the delegates found the day extremely interesting and informative and all noted that they were able to take away some valuable information. We would like to thank everyone at HollandTheRideWay for being so accommodating and providing such an enjoyable day.


Please click on a thumbnail to enlargeDelegation of Yorkshire and Humber at the storm surge barrierDelegation of Yorkshire and Humber at the hinge of the storm surge barrierThe Delegation of Yorkshire and Humber region receives information on a Dutch coast strenghthening projectDelegation of Yorkshire and Humber region at the storm surge barrierDelegation of Yorkshire and Humber on the beach







Paul Cartwright
Communications and Events Manager
Local Government Yorkshire and Humber



An English comprehensive school from Hertfordshire, UK             


Thank you Hans. Having been disappointed by our other tour operator who failed to organise a visit to the Delta Works for us, you came to our rescue by arranging an affordable and enjoyable experience for our students. Also thank you for taking the trouble to show us your Dutch Land Reclamation Project model which not only introduced the students to coastal defences but also reminded them of the general geography of the country they were visiting.


Dutch coastal model Storm barrier Hook of Holland Storm surge barrier


Lindsay Snow, Geography Teacher, Hertfordshire, UK. 


Barber family from New Zealand and Londen


When Hans asked me what we were interested in, he worked out an amazing itinerary ,which included everything I had dreamed about and more! Of particular interest were the historic windmills at Kinderdijk. the Alkmaar cheese auction and the visit to a family owned cheese farm, where we watched the whole process of cheese making and were able to sample and buy the cheeses. Being farmers ourselves,, it was interesting talking of the Dutch farmer's way of life .


My special day was driving amongst the flower fields with many stops to photograph and experience the sheer beauty and smell, finishing the day at Keukenhof Gardens. The Aalsmeer flower auction was amazing and earned a second visit for me. So many flowers, and such a hive of activity. We visited the steam pumping station of Cruquius, and on our way to Belgium stopped at the Storm surge barrier at Hook of Holland, the Haringvliet dam and the Oosterscheld (Eastern Scheldt) dam, an open storm surge barrier. As we are from 'New Zealand, driving through 'Zeeland' province was of special interest to us. Records tell us in 1642, a Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, was the first European to sight New Zealand,although he never set foot on land. Then it was through Westerschelde (Western Scheldt) tunnel and onto Bruges which was a wonderful place to walk around and shop.


Barber family in Zeeland Julie Barber in the tulip fields Windmills at Kinderdijk

Our trip was special in many ways. Hans planned our itinerary meticiously, he researched all places thoroughly, so was able to give us a running commentary as we travelled. He did not hesitate to stop for photo opportunities, yet always arrived at places in time for an English speaking tour. His local knowledge enabled him to drive off the beaten track, and where the best places to eat were.
A truely amazing holiday in Holland.


Lindsay and Sylvia Barber, New Zealand
Julie Barber, London



Cindy and Tim Hartin from Texas, USA


Cindy and Tim Hartin at Het LooOur Het Loo trip was very enjoyable. Mr Noltes arrived at our apartment on time and provided information regarding the former Royal Palace and the House of Orange. The historical perspective prepared us for our visit to the Royal Stables and the Palace. The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. .The historical background from Mr Noltes enriched the experience and the tour of the landscape gardens. The Palace is a glimpse into the fascinating and somewhat turbulent past of the House of Orange in the Netherlands.


Thank you Mr Noltes for your depth of knowledge and memorable trip.
Cindy and Tim Hartin, Texas, USA



Deborah Camacho from Texas, USA




Deborah Camacho at the Zaanse Schans Theme ParkI wanted to thank you for the tour trip you provided me when I had a lay-over of 10 hours in Amsterdam back in October. That time was used wisely since we were able to see so much in just a few hours. Experiencing local transportation to and from the Zaanse Schans Theme Park (windmills, traditional wooden houses, cheese factory and wooden shoe maker) along with all the information you provided, gave me a good history of Amsterdam and surroundings.


My favorite part of my tour had to be the Canal Boat ride, it was interesting to hear all about the houses and reasoning for the canals and how it was used to form that part of the city.


Thank you again for such a great experience and I would love to see more next time I get a chance.

Deborah Camacho


Magda and Frank Fronek from New York, USA 


The Waterworks in Holland came out of shear necessity to survive under the sea level and became an engineering and construction marvel to admire.

Visiting the various gates and dams that are part of the Delta Works is a highly enjoyable and educational experience for technically oriented as well as lay people.


Brouwersdam Pijlerdam Underneath the Pijlerdam


Hans makes the whole tour an unforgettable experience. His deep knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for the subject brings the complete scope and overall benefit of the works to the surface. We greatly appreciated his guidance, hospitality and flexibility to accommodate everyone’s tastes and desires. We highly recommend the tour he offers.


Frank & Magda Fronek, Fronek Power Systems, Orangeburg, NY, USA

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